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Current Items For Sale:

  • -Tanned Deerskin Pull-over top (approx. size 46) and Pants (approx. size 38), fringed, $200.00 (Paid over $500 to have made)
    -Fringed, insulated, jacket (approx. size 46), Dark Brown, $100.00
    -Australian Outback Duster, (approx. size 46), $100.00
    -1 pair of Chaps, brushed leather, brown, $20.00
    -1 pair of Chaps, shiny leather, brown, $20.00
    -Brushed Leather Vest, (approx. size 42), black, $20.00
    -3/4 length Frock Dress Coat, (approx. size 46), black, $50.00
    -Double Drop Holsters, black, 38 SPL loops, (approx. size 38), $100.00
    -Galco Holsters, left-handed, 1 strong side, 1 cross draw, black, 38 SPL loops, (approx. size 38), $100.00
    Contact “Too Thirsty” - 780-781-0333,

  • Uberti 1873 short rifle 20” octagon barrel in 38/357 cal. this rifle was completely tuned by Rustywood Trading Co. Short stroke kit, all the bells and whistles. It was used for CAS for 2 years so it has the usual handling marks but works like a dream. The previous owner is not shooting Cowboy any longer. He paid $2100 for the rifle and the custom action work. It will now be sold for $1650 OBO

    Uberti 1873 short rifle 20” octagon barrel in 45LC. Stock rifle, no action work done to it and as well used for CAS. $1250 OBO

    A pair of Uberti El Patrons in 38/357, tuned for CAS, less than 300 rounds thru them. $1250 OBO for the pair.

    Stoeger 12 ga coach gun, double triggers , VG+ condition $450 OBO

    Contact B Slim 780-464-4600



  • Looking for a Model 92 with 24” barrel in .44 mag. Would prefer the color case-hardened frame. Contact Rick at 403-847-8086 or