The Alberta Frontier Shootists is a cowboy action club that follows SASS rules. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting and good clean fun in the province of Alberta.

Next Shoot

May 26 & 27 2018


AFS News and Events

In view of the comments received from the survey, we have decided to make a few changes for 2018, for example -

  • Saturday = 6 stages + side match (optional)
  • Sunday = 5 stages + Awards on Sunday
  • For those who only attend Saturday day, a separate score sheet will be provided
  • Shoot Fee to include camping fee

Our goal is to optimize the shooting program while maintaining a balanced social and camping environment. Further details will be provided.

It’s worth mentioning that membership in AFS includes liability insurance through NFA for shooting sports with coverage up to $5 million. We encourage you to apply or renew your membership early.

We look forward to seeing you at our shoots. Bring a friend(s).

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Fall Round-UP Top Ten

1. Talisker
2 Cross Draw Kid
3. Donny Two Legs
4. Wobbly Threebeer
5. Southwest Trapper
6. Sunwapta Haze
7. Unbroken
8. Alberta Annie
9. Dusty Alan
10. Ridge Ranger