The Alberta Frontier Shootists is a cowboy action club that follows SASS rules. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting and good clean fun in the province of Alberta.

2022 Shoots

May 28-29
June 25-26th
Canadians July 30,31 Aug 1
Sept 10-11th AGM
October 1-2nd

AFS News and Events

What a great weekend for the Provincials, sunshine each morning, great campfire socializing in the evenings. There were fun and challenging shoot scenarios and a very nice Salmon dinner on Saturday night too ( thanks Sea Breeze and Shelly ) ! Check out the results.
Don't forget to let AFS know if you are attending the Canadians in advance so they can make sure a steak is reserved for you for the big meal, remember to bring a salad and or a dessert ( potatoes, sour cream and salt and pepper and butter, will be supplied).

Check out the 2022 "Canadians" schedule for shoot and registration details!

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We look forward to seeing you at our shoots. Bring a friend.
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Provincials Top Ten

1. Talisker
2. Wobbly
3. Billy Hyde
4. Little Smokey
5. Unbroken
6. Sunwapta Haze
7. Robin Banks
8. Ridge Ranger
9. Smokey Mountain
10. Rusty Coyote