The Alberta Frontier Shootists is a cowboy action club that follows SASS rules. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting and good clean fun in the province of Alberta.

2022 Shoots

May 28-29
June 25-26th
Canadians July 30,31 Aug 1
Sept 10-11th AGM
October 1-2nd

AFS News and Events

Twenty seven shooters endured the cool weather at the Harvester. Saturday started out cold and with light the rain which cleared up later in the morning. The Sunday shoot started out cold with clear blue skies. The cool weather did not stop everyone from having a great time! Many shooters competed in the silhouette shoot on Saturday, and four shooters went home with a Thanks Giving Turkey! It was a great end to the shooting season, thanks to the executive, volenteers and Lizzy's Shooter Emporium at the Saturday night Campfire for making it such a fun time. Check out all the results here.

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Harvester Top Ten

1. Donny Two Legs
2. Unbroken
3. Little Smokey
4. Russian
5. Kid Kutloree
6. Rusty Cogburn
7. Tombstone
8. Sunwapta Haze
9. Sea Breeze
10. Light Leather