The Alberta Frontier Shootists is a cowboy action club that follows SASS rules. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and to the promotion of Cowboy Action Shooting and good clean fun in the province of Alberta.

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June 23 & 24 2018


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President's Message
It was great to see a good turn out at the Saddle Up. Trust you all had a fun filled weekend of cowboy action shooting and camping. I am overwhelmed by the support provided by all. Despite a few glitches, we have all worked together and made our first shoot of the season a success. .Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. A big applause to the volunteers who came out to the work bee to do repairs and put the range in ship shape. To those who worked as Marshalls and Deputies, Recorders, Registrars, and Camp Cooks, etc. thank you for your help in making the match run smoothly. Our next match, AFS Provincial, is scheduled for June 23 - 24. Look forward to seeing you all there!!

Please view our SPRING NEWS LETTER for more information on Saddle up and Club activities.

We look forward to seeing you at our shoots. Bring a friend(s).

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Saddle UP Top Ten

1. Talisker
2 Cross Draw Kid
3. Donny Two Legs
4. Billy Hyde
5. Wobbly 3 Beer
6. Jericho
7. Rusty Coyote
8. Battle River Rio
9. Unbroken
10. Sunwapta Haze