New Range Directions

Map view 1

Map view 2

From Hwy 11 at the Cow Lake Recreation Area

Land Location - NE -9-38-9-W5
Directions to the club: Turn West off of Hwy 11 at the Cow Lake Recreation Area Rd. (Twp 39-2), follow this 2 km to a T intersection, turn South (left) on to 752, follow 752 for 24 km (you will have passed the Grandview Stage), at the North Fork Road ( Rng Rd 9-1 ), turn right, cross the bridge and take the first left off of the pavement at Twp 38-2A. Follow the gravel for about 4-5 km. As soon as you cross under power lines grey metal gates on left will be unlocked, please close behind you if closed. Follow in for about 1 km.

52 degrees 15 min 33 sec North
115 degrees 12 min 53 sec West

OR Coming from the south

Those who have not been to the new location yet, turn left from Hwy 22 at Hwy 380 and again left at Hwy 752, so they do not have to go all the way up to hwy 11 before they turn.