About The AFS

The Alberta Frontier Shootists, (AFS) is a non-profit club promoting the good clean fun of ‘’Cowboy Action Shooting.’’ This sport is dedicated to the appreciation of the Canadian Frontier Heritage and the Old West.

What is Cowboy Action Shooting?

This colorful and extremely enjoyable sport originated in 1982, and quickly spread around the world with numerous active clubs across Canada. The AFS follows the rules of SASSTM with the integration of AFS rules and regulations. You do not need to be a SASS or AFS member to shoot at an AFS match. The emphasis of this sport is first placed on SAFETY then the costumes and FUN! It is very common to spend the day competing with 1870’s miners, bankers, cowboys, soldiers, gamblers and desperados.

Winning is secondary to the fun and camaraderie of a Cowboy Action Shooting Match. Competitors and spectators alike get caught up in the 'Spirit of the Game' and a good time is had by all. Join in, as a stranger and leave with a new shooting family. Cowboy Action Shooting consists of using three different types of guns - Single-action Handguns, Lever-action Rifles, and shotguns (either double barreled or pump action with external hammer), in various courses of fire which are not revealed until the morning of the match. A typical shooting stage at a cowboy event could consist of hitting up to ten pistol targets, cranking out eight rounds (or more) from your trusty Winchester and then wrapping up by knocking over steel targets with your shotgun. Some of the targets could be moving, others could be swinging, and all of them will probably be unevenly spaced. What it all adds up to is a whole lot of fun! Cowboy Action Shooting events are being held all over the country now. Please refer to “All Shoots’’ to see our shooting schedule.

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Safety Rules

  • Eye and Ear protection is MANDITORY for all shooters and officials. You will not be allowed to shoot if you do not have both. All spectators are required to wear eye & hearing protection while on the range.

  • Any Firearm will only be loaded upon command from the range officer to do so.

  • Pistols will always be loaded with the hammer down on an EMPTY chamber.

  • Rifle will always be loaded as follows: Magazine loaded, Action closed, Hammer down on an empty chamber.

  • Shotguns action open, no ammunition in the chamber(s) or magazine.

    When moving from stage to stage:

    • Pistols will be checked at the unloading table, Holstered and unloaded

    • Lever Guns will be Unloaded with action open, muzzle UP

    • Shotguns will be Unloaded with action open, muzzle UP

  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or OTHER INTOXICATING SUBSTANCES allowed in or on the range area. This includes shooters, guests, range officers, scoring personnel and others.

  • No alcohol or other intoxicating substance shall be consumed by any shooter until he/she has completed shooting for the day and their firearms are safely stored.